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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to both technical and customer service questions that are asked the most. If you can't seem to find an answer to your question, we would be happy to assist you be completing this contact form.


Customer Service


Can I buy direct or do I have to go through a distributor?
Both options are available. Click here to learn how to purchase directly from us. However, our worldwide network of trusted distributors may reduce shipping costs, especially for our international customers. Click here to locate a distributor near you.


Can you give me a distributor in my area?
Please fill out this form, and we will be happy to suggest a distributor near you.


How can I get a quote?
In order to get a quote online, use the Products section of our website. When you find the products that are of interest, select "Add to Quote" on the product page. If you already know the product number of the items, you can fill out the request a quote form. Click here for the direct link. You may call us if you have any questions at (972) 248-1999.


Can I purchase through your website?
For now, our website offers you to submit only a quote inquiry. We are planning to release ecommerce capabilities in the near future.


Where is my order shipping from?
If you purchase directly from us, your order will ship from our warehouse located at 4270 Airborn Dr, Addison, TX 75001.


Is there an additional fee for drop shipments?
There is no additional fee for drop shipments; however, we do not drop ship outside of the United States.


Where can I send my tape/labels for testing?
Please print your completed Material Evaluation Form and send along with 12 feet (4 meters) of your material to our office at 4270 Airborn Dr, Addison, TX 75001.


Do you sell tape or labels?
We do not sell tape or labels, but we have relationships with several great tape and label manufacturers. Therefore, we have expert knowledge on tape applications and can help consult based on your specific application.


Technical Support


Where can I find a parts list?
Parts lists can be found here.


Can you dispense double-sided tape?
Our tape dispensers are able to dispense double-sided tape; however, a liner must stay on one side of the tape.


What do your modifications stand for? (i.e. NS = Non-Stick; NM = Non-Marking; M = Memory)

Here is a list of some of our modifications:

  • B = Narrow Tapes
  • C = Glass Cloth Tapes
  • D = Extra Short (5mm) Pieces of Tape
  • E = Two Rolls of Tape
  • K = Creaser (Good for Kapton)
  • LAM = Laminator Feature
  • LR = Liner Remover
  • T = Thin Tapes
  • M = Programmable 5-Length Memory
  • NM = Non-marking Roller (Good for Protective Films)
  • NS = Non-stick Roller (Good for Foam Tapes)
  • NMNS = Non-marking and Non-stick Roller (Good for Foil Tapes)


What is the largest outside diameter your zcM series can accommodate?
Our zcM series (excluding some modifications) can accomodate up to a 7" outside diameter without an accessory. Our TDSTAND03 and TDSTAND08 can allow for an outside diameter of up to 20".


Where can I find out about regular maintenance for my dispenser?
Learn more about preventative maintenance and recommended spare parts in the Product Care section.


Can you dispense clear labels?
Our label dispensers are able to dispenser clear labels with the "C" modification. A different photosensor allows for this capability. Our LD3000, LD3000FDA, LD3500 and the LD6025C comes standard with the clear sensor.


How does the label dispenser know to advance another label?
Our dispensers use a highly reliable photosensor system that detects the edge of the label. Adjusting the photosensor with the wingscrew allows you to control the distance, which allows flexibility in label dispensing.

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